Day 22 of 30 Days With Strawberry: Make Strawberry Cupcakes and Strawberry Buttercream Icing or Frosting

Strawberry buttercream frosting and strawberry cupcakes made with diced strawberries and the puree of strawberries.


Flour self-raising

Fresh eggs x3

Ice-cream or milk

Sugar -30g

Butter- 250g

Strawberries- diced and puree

For decorating

Strawberries whole and puree

Icing Sugar





Icing set with nozzles

Muffin\ cupcakes baking tray

Muffin\cupcake cases


Step 1: Beat butter and sugar until soft and creamy.


Step 2: Add the eggs and continue beating.


Step 3: Add the flour and mix.


Step 4: Puree some strawberries and dice some strawberries.


Step 5: Add the strawberry puree to the cake mixture and mix.


Step 6: Fold in the diced strawberries.


Step 7: Prepare the baking tray by lining them with cupcake or muffin cases. Pour the cake mixture into each cupcake\muffin baking case.


Step 8: Bake in the oven until cake is ready. When the cakes are ready, leave them to cool on a wire rack.


Step 9: Sieve icing sugar and a little butter into a bowl. Mix until it looks like fine bread crumbs. Add the strawberry puree little by little and mix until the right consistency is achieved.


Step 10: Fill the icing set with the strawberry icing and then pipe on the cupcakes\muffins.


Step 11: Decorate with Strawberries halves.

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