Day 26 Of 30 Days With Strawberry: Design A Strawberry In Parchment Craft

Trace and emboss a strawberry image on parchment paper .

Materials needed

Strawberry image or graphic

Parchment tools-  shader\shading tool, small embossing ball tool and 5- needle semi circle piercing tool(small)

Circle easel card or greeting card blank of choice

Piercing mat

Embossing mat

White pencil

Parchment paper A4




Step 1: Trace the strawberry design on a parchment paper using the white pencil.


Step 2: Retrace the strawberry design using the small ball embossing tool. Trace the strawberry seeds.


Step 3: Emboss the leaves, seeds and flowers of the strawberry using the shading tool and the small embossing ball tool.


Step 4: Use to shading tool to emboss the outline of the strawberry.


Step 5: Cut out the shape of the card (circle) from the parchment design.


Step 6: Pierce some scallops around the border of the parchment design using the 5-needle semi circle piercing tool.


Step 7: Attach to the easel card using a glue that dries clear.



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