Day 29 of 30 Days With Strawberry: Make Strawberry Stencil

Enjoy a strawberry by making a strawberry stencil to use in your projects.

Materials needed

Strawberry graphics or image

Digital cutter or Exacto\craft knife


Silhouette Studio software

Cardstock or  acetate( transparent paper)

Digital cutter or Silhouette cameo



Step 1: Open the strawberry image in the Silhouette Studio software.


Step 2: Using the trace feature of the Silhouette studio software, trace the outline of the image. Use the slider button on the threshold and other settings to adjust to your required setting.


Step 3: After tracing the image, move the  strawberry graphic from the traced strawberry image.


Step 3:  Send the traced image to the digital cutter.


Step 4:  Prepare the cutting sheet or material and place it in the silhouette cameo or digital cutter to cut. Cut the image out of the cardstock or material.



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