Day 14 of 30 Days With Lemon: Make a Lemon Inspired Notelet Or Jotter

Enjoy lemons by making lemon notelet\ jotter\ sketch pad. This notelet\jotter makes lovely gifts or favours for children and adults.

  • You can use it to write “to do list”.
  • Add colouring pencils or crayons to the notelet and include it in a favour/party bag.
  • Put it in your shopping bag.
  • and much more.

Materials needed


Lemon Printable for cover of jotter

A4 or A5 copier paper x 20

Comb Binder machine

Plastic Ring Comb Binder


Manicure Nail file



Step 1: Cut the printed A4 cardstock (covers of notelet) into two “2” equal halves (A5 size landscape). Repeat for the copier papers, if using A4 copier paper.


Step 2: Using the A4 setting on the Comb binding machine, punch the covers of the notelet. Repeat for the inserts( copier papers).


Step 3: Place the plastic ring comb in the binding area and then open the plastic ring comb.


Step 4: Insert the back cover of the notelet\ jotter and then insert the other sheets(punched copier paper) for the inserts into the opened plastic ring binder.


Step 5: Insert the front cover of the notelet\ jotter and then close the plastic ring comb to secure the notelet.


Step 6: Cut the excess plastic ring comb with a pair of scissors.



Step 7: Use the nail file to smoothen the edge of the ring because it is sharp( this prevents it hurting or cutting someone).


Step 8: Make notelets or jotters with different cover designs to enjoy.




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