Design Submission: Mentioning a deadline on 5th of March 2018 for design submission call for the 2018 Malabrigo booklet, Vogue Knitting is teaming with Malabrigo to produce three new pattern collection with focus on hats, garments and Cotton Pima Yarn

Malabrigo Booklets 2018 Design Call byVogue Knitting is out and the deadline is 5th of March 2018.

Read the press release below.

Design Call for Malabrigo

Hello Designers!

We’re teaming up with Malabrigo to produce three new pattern collections: one focused on hats, and one featuring a range of garments, and one for their brand new cotton Pima yarn.

The hat booklet will feature the yarns Rasta, Mecha, Rios, Arroyo, Mechita, and Sock. Any silhouette!

The variety booklet will feature Rasta, Rios, Mechita, and Sock. Garments, accessories, household items, anything you can dream up!

The cotton booklet is also a variety of projects. The cotton is 100% pima, with a gauge of 18 sts x 20 rows/4″. This yarn has excellent drape and softness, and would be excellent for shawls or a flow-y top. Also consider blankets, other accessories, anything that you’d like to see in a gorgeous, matte plied cotton. Image attached.


Please submit your design proposal by Monday, March 5th, 2018.

SUBMISSION GUIDELINES: Please submit a ONE PAGE .PDF per submission with your image and a brief explanation of your techniques. Make sure to include YOUR NAME, EMAIL, SHIPPING ADDRESS, and PHONE NUMBER on the submission – any unmarked may not be considered.

Best of luck,
Jaclene and the Soho Publishing Team




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