30 Days With Tie & Dye, Batik or Wax Print Fabric- Day 12: Batik Print Skirt and Top using Simplicity 1650 Sewing Pattern

Anino made this top and skirt using the Simplicity 1650 sewing pattern.

For the blouse or top, Anino cut an opening in the front to enable her to use buttons as fastening (remember to add extra fabric for the button opening if you desire to do this).

A long band of the sewn batik fabric is being used as a neck scarf or head-tie(headband) or belt.

She made the skirt longer than the length in the sewing pattern.

Materials needed

  • Batik fabric- 100% cotton, a pattern of choice
  • Plain fabric- 100% cotton (I used brown)
  • Buttons or Zip, if you want the opening at the back
  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing thread to coordinate fabric.
  • Simplicity 1650 sewing pattern



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