Open Letter- Sewing: Dear Sewing Pattern Manufacturer, A Request for Pre-cut Sewing Patterns

Dear Sewing Pattern Manufacturer,

When I was young, I do enjoy cutting the different patterns, scrunching the waste and then progressing to sew.

I am growing older and it is becoming tedious and time-wasting because I spend so much time cutting through the sewing pattern and become exhausted when it is time to sew.

As I state this problem that I face in cutting out the patterns from the sewing patterns, I have a little solution.

Please, can you manufacture already cut out sewing pattern(pre-cut)? As for me, I do not mind the grading in the sewing pattern, I do love it. For example, a sewing pattern that I used two years ago in size 12, last year I notice that I am a size 10 and this year a size 14. All I do is fold along the size line and place the pattern on my fabric before cutting.

The pre-cut should be around the largest size in the pattern. For example, if the size is 8 to 16, the pre-cut should be on size 16.

I hope you will put my little request into consideration as you manufacture new sewing patterns.

Thank you.



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