Lifestyle- Home: Motivating at Bedtime Routine

The bedtime routine is stressful for me so I decided that I will try and enjoy sending my children to bed.

Whenever I send them to bed, as soon as I step out the chattering starts again and the lights are turned on.

Oh, I forgot this and I forgot that I hear them say.

I tried telling them stories but I fall asleep.

I thought hard on what to do so as to enjoy myself while sending them to bed.

I got a chair and a magazine stand for myself, placed it by their bedside.

When it is bedtime, I sit on the chair and read my craft/ designing magazines while watching them fall asleep.

I do change the magazines once I finish reading them. I bring in a new set of magazines.

I am reading more.

I can confidently say that I am enjoying the bedtime routine but I can’t say the same for the children.