Quilting: Moda Fabrics reveals its passion for the Dresden Plate Wedges

From the screenshot.

Take Dresden Plate Wedges to the next level with Reverse Applique and picture windows! Use the 10″ Dresden to make a 20″ finished Dresden Plate, or the 5″ tool to make a 10″ finished plate. All of these templates are included.
The tool is called the Picture Windows Reverse Appliqué Tool – by Annie McHugs
Use the large template to cut the outer plate, then cut out one or both of the windows. Use the inside template to fussy-cut images that will fit inside the plate – adding seam allowances. Turn under the edges, then hand or machine appliqué the pieces in place, finish the wedges and voila! A Dresden Plate that is a lot more complicated than it looks.
For more with Jerriann of AnnieMcHugs – @anniemchugs.
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