Millinery: Fascinator Model by Eun Young Lee Millinery, FB64 Fascinator Block,  hatblock for March 2020 on Guy Morse- Brown hatblocks

FB64 Fascinator Block is the hatblock of the month of March 2020 on Guy Morse- Brown hatblocks.

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Every month we offer a discount on one of our popular designs, and this month it is the small but beautiful FB64 block.
This block has an elegant slope from one side to the other and a hollowed base.
It measures 14cm at the bottom. The picture shows a lovely hat blocked on this block by Eun Young Lee Millinery.
For the month of March you can enjoy 15% off the price, making this block just £73.94 if you live in the UK or inside the European Union or only £61.62 if you live elsewhere in the world.
To take us up on this fab offer, call Owen or Jen today on +44 (0)1380 859756 or hit reply and send an email to we can get yours on the workbench for you.
Eun Young Lee Millinery: