Phased Out & Phasing Out: Things that existed in crafts and are no longer there or in trend- Number 6- Crossover Die-cutting and Embossing Machine

Phased Out & Phasing Out: Things that existed in crafts and are no longer there or in trend- Number 6 – Crossover Die-cutting and Embossing Machine.

We have started a new section of things that existed in crafts that you thought you could not do without and they are now phasing out or have been phased out.

Impulse buying has left many to regret buying things that they never used and have depreciated in value or not used again.

If you notice in the creative or crafting community, knowledge has increased greatly and knowledge will keep on increasing.

Somethings that existed in Crafts and are no longer there or in trend because everyday or every year new products are being developed and launched.

Crossover Die-cutting and Embossing Machine

The crossover die-cutting/embossing machine is specifically for creating die cuts from fabrics, acetate, paper or card using a craft die. It is also for embossing and debossing using craft dies, stencils or embossing folders.

This machine was made by Tattered Lace.

This machine has been phased out. Many who have this machine still use it till date.

Crossover Machine Features:

  1. Crossover sides fold up to take up less table/storage space, also making it portable.
  2. Adjusts to any embossing folder or plate, allowing crafters to adjust embossing to light or heavy effects.
  3. Features innovative pressure adjustment, negating the need to use shims and multiple layers of plastic to get good results.
  4. Adjusts to multi-layer die-cutting of fabrics, felt, chipboard, thin leather and paper cuts.
  5. Allows thicker materials to be die-cut with proper dies.
  6. Attractive, modern appearance.
  7. Fold up covers are used for handles.
  8. New upgraded gear box for long term use.
  9. Simple adjustment with your fingertip and viewable settings on the face.
  10. Cast metal handle that doesn’t wear out.
  11. Geared so that the crafter actually feels the cutting activity – this is important as the handle resists cutting if the setting on the machine is too tight.

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