Machine Knitting: A-Z of Machine Knitting- Letter F is for …

Letter F in machine knitting is for …

Fully Fashioned Decrease or Increase: A  decorative decrease or increase that shows the shaping of the garment. This can be decorative like the process of making cables on knitwear or plain like the selvedges edges of a raglan.

Frills: Pleated or gathered frills can be used on cuffs, neckline or hem of knitwear.

Fisherman’s Rib: Also called English Rib is a traditional rib technique or stitch.

Fringes: Trims or strands of yarns attach to knitwear are referred to as fringes.

Fair Isle: Named after the island in Scotland, Fair Isle knitting is a traditional technique of using different coloured wool or yarns to make intricate patterns.

Finished Piece/ Knitwear: When a piece of knitwear is finished, it is referred to the finished piece.

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