Crafters abandoning Craft TV for Demonstrations on YouTube and Shopping in other places due to alleged inflated prices and Designers running to image stock sites to purchase images and make mass-produced goods 

Since designers are ravaging image stock sites to purchase commercial licenses and make mass-produced goods from them and claiming “designed by”… , copyright infringement ravaging the crafting world, rising prices or inflated prices on craft goods and many more, crafters are deciding to prevent themselves from debt by not watching Craft TV and heading to YouTube for demonstrations while they shop for affordable craft products in other places.

Some crafters have complained about the prices but to no avail, the prices keep at a higher pace.

The silent crafters have decided to fight the havoc in the crafting community by holding their money in their purses and stop buying inflated-price goods to avoid debt and also to make use of what they have already in stock.




  1. Yes this has been going on for far too long now, I have now found that by shopping around you can find the same or at lease very similar products for much much cheaper, and not foreign imports either or copy cat suppliers, the big companies have and still try to get away with ripping us hobby crafter off with their over the top prices, it also sickens me to see the ‘real’ artist being played by these same big firms saying it was designed by them.

  2. There are many places to shop savvy on the high Street they have their own or discount brands.
    If you avoid the hype of crafting TV a lot of these products can be bought for much less only a few weeks after launch when the next “need to have” item comes along.
    Also not all China dies are copies there are several people designing for these stores and the quality is the same but the price a 10th of Selly telly.
    They also sell all the embellishments too after all that’s where they ALL come from at the end of the day minus the fancy packing that ends up in landfill.
    Also check out destash groups and offer swaps if you can.

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