Machine Knitting: A-Z of Machine Knitting- Letter J is for …

Letter J in machine knitting is for …

Jobs in machine knitting: These are the jobs available in machine knitting.

Joining: This is the act of attaching one piece to another piece.

Joining Yarns: The same coloured yarns or multi-coloured yarns can be joined especially when knitting with yarn and the yarn finishes or a new ball or yarn is needed in a colour to continue a pattern or design.

Joining Seams: Seams of knitwear can be joined to attach one edge of a garment to the other knitwear piece.

Joining Knitwear: Ths is when a piece of knitwear is joined to another to make a finished piece ( like the neckband joined to the bodice of knitwear) or for a pattern design (like in patchwork).

Joining in the Round: Stitches can be joined when knitting in the round to make a continuous or circular piece.

Joining Stitches: Stitches on the knitting machine can be joined to another like in the case on a mock rib or when making a gathered style knitwear.