Anino ‘Soro Soke (Speak Up)’ with Crafters Dictionary/ Craft Dictionary

Today, I just want to celebrate our Crafters dictionary / Craft dictionary while saying thank you to all who has visited the website and continued visiting as well as those who read the featured Crafters Dictionary or Craft dictionary’s posts on this blog.

Everyday we have made a post on products or terms used in an area of the creative sectors. We are glad we took these little steps. Crafters Dictionary will keep on updating to cater for the beginner to the advanced creatives in the community.

When I started Craft Dictionary / Crafters Dictionary, it was to explain terminology or words used in the creative sector with pictures, words and video demonstrations where appropriate. I can say that we have not deviated from the path.

Today, I can say thank you to everyone for your support as we build this community and explain more terms used in the creative sectors or community.

*Remember, if you have a video that explains or demonstrates a term or product that is being featured on Craft Dictionary/ Crafters Dictionary, please send us the link and we will include it.

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