Fashion Formula UK in the “hot seat” for some of your questions

According to Fashion Formula UK, it is ready to answer some of your questions.

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Ask me anything 🤩 I am here for you

We are aware of how frustrating it is sometimes to never get through to a human.

We’ve got you covered!

Not only we have got you a human…we have got you our co-founder Alexander Wills, fabric and production specialist, who is here for you.

Maybe you need help on:

*Fabric specifications and certifications

*Fabric Advice,

*Artwork placement,

*Specialist sewing projects,

*Assistance with how to improve your product and print.

*Printing your own fabrics

*Pricing and wholesale discounts

Book a free call with him to discuss any project, question regarding best fabrics, production questions or anything you have in mind for your upcoming projects.

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