The beanie season is here!

lots of beanies





Here in the United Kingdom(UK), the cold is creeping in, more and more.

As the season gets colder, You want to keep the head warm.

The first thing that comes to mind is Beanie/hat.

Ah Ha! If you are a knitter (hand  or machine knit or crocheter), You will be tempted to knit beanies for various age-group in different styles.

However, we will be machine knitting some beanies soon.

Beanies can  be knitted/ crocheted

  • simply or textured
  • plain or patterned -stripe, tuck-stripe, fairIsle, lace, slip stitch, short rows, ribbed and so on.

Beanie do make  lovely gift for  a new baby; christmas, toddlers, teens/teenagers and adults.

Beanies has a lot of uses which is often overlooked. Beanies can be use to complement that knitwear or clothing. Beanies can also be use to keep hair tidy( hold hair in place) and so on.

So have fun, designing your beanies and making them.

More post on Beanies later on!