Remembrance Day: Vivienne Toon knitted 7,000 poppies for fallen Derby soldiers

A woman named Vivienne Toon, knitted seven thousand poppies for Derby soldiers who died in World War One.

From the screenshot.

Woman knits 7,000 poppies to remember fallen soldiers

A woman who spent a year knitting 7,000 poppies to remember the soldiers of a city who lost their lives in World War One has said it was “a small thing to do”.

Vivienne Toon, who lives in Derbyshire, knitted one poppy for each Derby soldier who died during the conflict.

The poppies have been used to create a Christmas tree in a church in Bakewell, Derbyshire.

Ms Toon said the piece was a “small thing to do to remember those poor guys who just didn’t come back to their families”.

“It was a pleasure and a privilege,” she said.

Credit: BBC