Creative/ Live Gaming: Proposing to be an out-game event in her game titled “The Refinery of Colours”, Anino shares a set of rules to release and set the pace for your creativity in #Game2

*From henceforth, the game will be in the mission event and calendar tab of our game titled ” Refinery of Colours”. It will still be on the blog for you to get inspired and maximize your creativity.

Hello Everyone, Since most of us are trying to use craft items that we have bought, I just thought of this…It is a creative game but you have to follow the rules and see what you can make. Although this is just game 2, the third game (Game 3) will be in August 2023 and it is a little different. I have drafted up to game 6 for now.Rules- Game 2 {60 days duration (May 1st to July 31st)- make as many designs as you can}

  1. Select an image/ artwork that inspires you from any career of your choice (don’t forget to give credit to the artist or creative person whose image or artwork you are using for inspiration) *Artwork for inspiration can also be your own.
  2. Represent or recreate the chosen artwork in any creative sector of your choice like cardmaking, millinery, sewing,/ quilting, beading, event planning, gaming, textile design, and many more.
  3. Design can contain as many colours as desired.
  4. The design can contain flower(s) or leaves
  5. Design should tell a story, phrase, quote or sentiment.
  6. The design can contain one or more geometric shapes.
  7. Share your finished artwork on Facebook groups or any social media pages with the hashtags #MyTakeOnCreativity, and #Game2, so that people can see your work. Make as many designs as you can.

Note* Your artwork 1 and your artwork 2 can be different in colours but must follow the rules. Why not give it a go and see what you can make from the craft items that you bought. Thank you.

Here is the link to game 1:

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